Swiss technology:
innovation and proven reliability

NOENE® insoles have been designed in collaboration with those who need this technology most: heavy industry and elite sportsmen and women. Manufactured in Switzerland, NOENE® insoles are made respecting ethical working conditions and in accordance with strict quality control criteria, which comply with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in order to protect the environment.

Protect your joints

In the past, our ancestors walked on soft surfaces, which were able to absorb the shockwaves generated as their feet hit the ground.

Nowadays we almost always walk on hard surfaces, such as asphalt. When we practise sports or do a job that requires standing for long periods, our joints suffer. The shockwaves can damage our body from our ankles up to the base of our skull, leading to problems which in extreme cases can be very painful.

This harmful energy can reach all the nerve centres in the human musculoskeletal system, causing lasting microtraumas, which can in turn lead to:

  • Tendinitis (inflammation of the tendons)
  • Talalgia (acute pain in the heel area)
  • Periostitis (inflammation of  the periostium, or the layer of connective tissue that surrounds the bone)
  • fractures
  • Joint pains in the feet, knees, hips, back and up to the base of the skull

NOENE® absorbs and then disperses the harmful vibrations, avoiding them being absorbed by our body. The results: it decreases the damage to our joints and therefore the discomfort. The benefits of using Noene® are quickly apparent.


Assessment of the capacity of NOENE® insoles to attenuate vibrations during running


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