NOENE® insoles are recommended for all ages and for all types of activity, and are especially useful for sportsmen and women. When practising intense or moderate sports, NOENE® helps you prevent future discomfort and even avoid certain serious joint and muscular problems.

Sportsmen and women

Joint protection during exercise

Sportsmen and women specialise in pushing their body to the limit. They are very aware of the problems resulting from putting repetitive strain on their joints. NOENE® is a simple, effective and lasting solution for professional and amateur sportsmen and women as well as for those who only practise sports occasionally.

Insoles that we recommend:

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Age is no barrier

As we get older, our joints become more sensitive to vibrations and impacts. Seniors are increasingly active and NOENE® can help them to carry out their everyday activities.

Insoles that we recommend:

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NOENE® helps you in your professional activities

Waiters, waitresses, nurses, sales representatives, soldiers, firemen, police officers, etc., walk for miles every day without realising it, until they start to feel pain and discomfort resulting from the impact created by their feet hitting the hard ground. NOENE® helps you get on with your life—so no one can stop you.

Insoles that we recommend:

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Protection whilst they grow

Children can also benefit from the joint protection provided byNOENE®. Little ones are on the go all day, running and jumping, and sometimes carrying heavy rucksacks, which only increase the force of impact generated when their feet hit the ground. Whilst they are growing, a period during which some children suffer joint pain, NOENE® can help your children by absorbing and dispersing the vibrations generated during their intense daily activities.

Insoles that we recommend:



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